понедельник, 22 мая 2017 г.

a day in berlin

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it is the third of may and i have an early flight from kiev to berlin, which is very exciting and very convenient, as i will have almost a full day in the city on my very first day of the trip. i get to the airport and i enjoy how empty it is. i keep on saying that i love early mornings. well, i do love them. i am obsessed with them! early mornings make me feel good. everything is better early in the morning. i have a cup of not so good coffee, which is fine anyway, because i just want to drink some coffee right here right now. and yes that is despite knowing that i will be in berlin soon with plenty of options of great coffee, which i am not even capable of appreciating properly, because i am not one of those coffee connoisseurs. anyway, fast forward to arriving to berlin. i have this weird feeling of not realizing fully that i am not in kiev anymore, that i am not supposed to work today, that today and for two more weeks i will have a different set of activities every single day. it seems surreal! 

пятница, 19 мая 2017 г.

back home

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hello-hello <3 i have not been here for two weeks, which is unbelievable. i have just had a vacation, if you did not know. i am so happy to be back, i am so happy to finally turn thoughts into typed words again. i have missed my blog and i have missed my laptop, because that is how i get access to the blog and to you! i am finally going to tell you about my trip soon. very soon! i simply need a few more days to get back to my regular life routine and to adjust to it. i came back a little over a day ago and it has been extremely hectic, because there was so much to deal with right away, but i am trying to keep a special mood, to remain in a special state that has been filling me during my trip. frankly speaking, it is not an easy task, but i am a determined one.

четверг, 4 мая 2017 г.

good things list / april

can you believe that one third of two thousand seventeen is gone? i am incapable of it! how quickly and incredibly smoothly time goes by. it is surreal and unbelievable, but it is our reality. april was a rollercoaster, although weren`t the previous months the same? there were a couple of great weeks and a couple of extremely challenging and painful ones. it was a complicated month, and it was also important. so many things happened, but to sum it up - it ended well, really-really well. once again, i kept on thinking - what a lucky human being i am, and gratitude filled every tiny space in me. last week i published a post with photos of me taken by tanya on her film camer and i wrote: "i am both content to be where i am right now and impatiently excited about everything that is coming soon". these words are a perfect embodiment of my state of mind. april was a hell of a month, and i am in a way relieved that it is over, but i am also grateful that it happened. i wonder what future will be like, but i make an effort to concentrate on what is happening right here right now.

вторник, 2 мая 2017 г.

reading report / april

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april was not a stable month in terms of everything that took place in life, but it was a stable one in terms of reading. i read three new books and re-read an old one. it was definitely one of those months when i needed reading to take my thoughts away from the things that bothered me and it managed to do it successfully. also i started using another book that i will tell you about a little later. after finishing "a little life" in march, i had no idea what to read next. it felt as if no other literary work would be good enough, so i went for non-fiction instead. apart from that i was in the mood to think about things, to analyze them, to make decisions and change something. therefore, my choices were natural and perfectly on time. i was extremely excited to discover adam grant, whose work resembles a lot to what malcolm gladwell (whose fan i am and whose books i love) has been doing for quite a while now. it was incredibly interesting and fulfilling to read his two books in one month. i am now eager to get his new book, that he has written together with sheryl sandberg - "option b" as soon as possible.

четверг, 27 апреля 2017 г.

april captured by tanya

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some people see simple things in extraordinary ways and manage to capture them beautifully. tanya is one of such human beings. i feel honoured and inspired to be close with people who have a specific vision, a unique style and a different way of doing things. this post is a reminder to each and one of us that there is always something precious to appreciate, that after each rainstorm comes sun, that after another failure there is always a long-awaited victory. also it is a thank-you note to tanya. hopefully we will manage to do a number of cool things together in the future.

понедельник, 24 апреля 2017 г.

discovery of the month

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first of all, welcome to the new section on the blog - "discovery of the month". i have recently realized that i discover and learn something all the time, and naturally i would love to share it with you. yes, of course, basically every post contains some kind of a lesson, but i still think that i need a separate section that would be dedicated to discovering new things and practising new skills, which is exactly what "discovery of the month" will be for. i think it is going to be a lot of fun and i hope that you will find it useful! i am excited to start something new!

среда, 19 апреля 2017 г.

do and don`t

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a couple of days ago i was contacted by valya, a founder of milestone, a blog about productivity. she asked me to share my life dos and don`ts, and naturally i agreed. i must say that it was much easier to come up with dos than with don`ts, which is why there are seven of the former and just three of the latter. after writing the list, i realized that i was satisfied with the result, so i translated it in order to share it here with you. the initial publication is available here.

воскресенье, 16 апреля 2017 г.

meet ellina mironova

(english version is available below)

таким людям как эллина всегда хочется задать много-много вопросов и не останавливаться, но дело в том, что на многие из них эллина уже отвечает в видео на своем youtube-канале. сейчас эллина живет и работает в шведском городё мальмё, а до этого она успела поучиться и поработать в дании, нидерландах и германии. и это при том, что эллине всего двадцать пять лет! родилась и выросла она, к слову, в эстонии. я с интересом смотрю видео эллины и слежу за ней в instagram, так как она и там, и там подмечает что-то интересное о своей жизни в европе и делится своим опытом. кстати, у себя на канале эллина рассказывает не только о странах, в которых жила, и людях, с которыми там общалась, но и, например, говорит о том, как самостоятельно подтянуть иностранный язык и успешно сдать ielts. уверена в том, что многим будут полезны советы на эту тему, да и в целом, история эллины однозначно вдохновляет!

среда, 12 апреля 2017 г.

pictures on film / part nine

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i had four films with me and i used three of them. this one is a mix of things that happened during my last three days in paris. at first i thought that i was "supposed" to have major plans and to do numerous things, but then i realized that it was not true. i was free to do whatever i wanted to do, whatever i felt like doing, and this is exactly what i did. so, i met with people, drank coffee and ate delicious food with them, talked and laughed, wandered around, sat on my own, watched others and asked myself a lot of questions, took pictures and sometimes did not do it despite having an intense desire to capture a particular moment. i experienced the city and i left feeling fullfilled.

понедельник, 10 апреля 2017 г.

a day in paris / edition three

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yes, i have one more perfect day in paris to tell you about, and the photograph of anya that you can see above is the best possible embodiment of what this day felt like. it was warm and light, joyful and simply great. i cherish these memories and the opportunity to share them with you!

воскресенье, 9 апреля 2017 г.

reality check

я смотрю и не вижу. я пытаюсь понять и не могу. я задаю вопросы и не нахожу ответы. в прошлый понедельник я написала в сториз о том, что апрель будет классным, но я тогда и не знала, что за неделя меня ждет. я и представить себе не могла, как она закончится, и какое значение приобретет этот апрель. я пока не научилась находить в себе силы и смелость писать и делиться происходящим здесь и сейчас, если эти события даются мне с болью и трудом. в такие моменты я испытываю острую необходимость писать, чтобы осмыслить, понять и принять, но в то же время иногда это попросту невозможно. и в конце концов, есть вопрос готовности отдать эти свои эмоции на обозрение других людей. я не знаю, почему и зачем я пишу этот текст, но я делаю это, потому что чувствую внутренний толчок, не оставляющий меня в покое. я думаю, что этой короткой заметкой я хочу сказать себе и тебе о том, что иногда нормально не видеть, не понимать и не знать ответов на свои же вопросы. иногда нужно время и много-много терпения. потом все становится на свои места. главное - верить в это и просто делать следующий шаг вне зависимости от того, насколько он крохотный. жизнь - сложная, чертовски сложная и полная непредсказуемых поворотов, но я знаю, что справлюсь. и я знаю, что справишься и ты.

за честную и настоящую фотографию спасибо тане, а еще, за возможность забыться, отвлечься и поговорить обо всем, кроме того, что не дает сейчас ни спокойно спать, ни спокойно бодрствовать. 

среда, 5 апреля 2017 г.

good things list / march

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exactly a year ago my visa application was denied for the first time ever, so i could not go to paris fashion week and i wrote this post, which is still one of my favourite and one of the most precious ones. everything went well this time, so i spent february being excited and then the rest of march being inspired. it is always a little bit sad and hard to leave and go back, but i am simply grateful for every chance and opportunity i get. this month was a month of opportunities, of learning and discovering things i may have thought of, but did not dare to believe. i asked myself a lot of questions, and i know that i will have to figure the answers out in the nearest future. it was a month of self-exploration and growth! let me tell you more about the good things!

воскресенье, 2 апреля 2017 г.

reading report / march

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even before the beginning of march i knew that i would not be able to read for the first two weeks of the month. paris fashion week is a crucially important period for any brand that participates in it (i am still planning to write a post about taking part in a trade-show or a showroom), which is why, naturally, it is a top priority and nothing matters as much as it does. on top of that, my luggage was full of our collection pieces, so there was no such option as bringing a book with me ("that is why one chooses ebooks, silly", - you are probably thinking). i had to take a break and leave "a little life" unfinished. however, i managed to start reading a book on my phone on my way there, finished it by waking up at five (not on purpose), started another one on the very last day of the trip and continued reading it on the plane on my way back home!

среда, 29 марта 2017 г.

pictures on film / part eight

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i am so excited about having so many pictures from paris taken on film. cannot wait to print them and to put them into my album. all of the images below were taken on an amazing weekend that i have had after the work was over. you can read about one of those days here, and the first post with pictures on film from this trip to paris is here. the weather was perfect and everything else seemed perfect as well. those days were very active, so there were numerous locations, including a gallery and a store 0fr, terrace at the institut du monde arabe and a garden at petit palais | musée des beaux-arts de la ville de paris. so much incredible beauty everywhere, so much inspiration!

понедельник, 27 марта 2017 г.

a day in paris / edition two

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i wake up feeling exhausted, but excited. it is saturday and it is my first free day in paris. i cannot wait to get ready and to go explore the city! the weather is supposed to be really good today, and the bright blue sky is a proof to that. it is still early and i do not want to make too much noise and bother the nicest people on earth who are helping me out by letting me stay at their place, so i remain quiet in bed. i answer some work e-mails and read a few articles (you have no idea how many of them i had missed in the last ten days). some time later i get ready (how often do you see the eiffel tower from the bathroom window?), have delicious breakfast and leave. i have a walking tour planned, while anya is enjoying her yoga class. as soon as i get outside, it becomes clear that the day is going to be great. the air is still fresh, because it is early morning, but the sun is already getting warm. my goal is to reach park monceau, stay there for a bit and go back. i do not know yet how many beautiful places i will discover on my way, but i am already overjoyed, because i love going on long walks, especially in this city.

четверг, 23 марта 2017 г.

pictures on film / part seven

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five months ago i published a post with pictures on film from my trips to warsaw and paris. i have not taken any pictures on film after that due to bad weather and lack of extra actitivites. for all of these reasons i was extremely excited about spring, about me going to paris, about having more films with me than i did in october. paris is always beautiful, but this was my first time there in spring and it was a marvel (even though the first few days were very cold, windy and rainy). ok, i am lying. my very first time in europe was in spring, so technically i had already been in paris in spring, but it had happened more than ten years ago, i was there for just a few days and it was cold, so that does not count anymore. nowadays i dream of coming back in april (some time in the future) to see it in full bloom.

понедельник, 20 марта 2017 г.

on travelling alone

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travelling is the most extraordinary activity for me. i do not dream of having an expensive car or a huge house, but i do constantly dream of travelling on a regular basis. i want to see the world, i want to explore it, i want to feel it, i want to create impressions and memories. and yes, i want to write about all of it. frankly speaking, my experience with travelling is a proof of my belief that my life consists of extreme contradictions. travelling alone is a whole other thing, and it is something i started doing at a very young age. i have been thinking of writing a text about this subject for a very long time and i am excited to finally share it with you.

пятница, 17 марта 2017 г.

exploring my personal style

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taking to consideration that i work in the fashion industry, it is unbelievable how rarely i actually talk about clothes on my blog. today is that exceptional case, and i am excited about it!

i was four or five years old when i let my mom know that i wanted to choose my outfits myself. even at that very young age it was very clear to me that clothes had a strong effect on my being and i was not ready to compromise in that regard. i wanted to look good in my own understanding, and i wanted to look good on any occasion. i hated an idea that you had to wear old or ugly clothes at home or when you went to the countryside. i was convinced that there were outfits that were both appropriate and good-looking. throughout the years of growing up and changing, i have had various preferences, but i have always known what i wanted to look like. for me clothing has always been so much more than a way to cover my body up. for me, its essential characteristic was and is how it expresses what you feel and how it makes you feel on top of that. there are days when i choose an outfit in order to express my emotional state and there are others when i try to hide it with the help of clothing. this is why my favourite fashion writer is leandra medine, the founder of manrepeller. i relate to her attitude to clothes a lot, despite the fact that we dress ve-e-ery differently.

вторник, 14 марта 2017 г.

hello from paris / volume two

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just a short note from paris, because various extreme emotions have been piling up inside for two weeks now, and it is finally time to start sharing them piece by piece. paris makes me feel a lot, and it makes me think a lot as well. i started writing this post at nine am today, but thirteen hours later i deleted everything. it is now almost half past eleven at night. it is my last night here, and i am torn between two choices - on one hand, i want to stay awake for as long as possible, because i do not want to wake up tomorrow and realize that i have to go, but on the other, i realize that it makes perfect sense to fall asleep immediately in order to wake up really early tomorrow and enjoy those few hours i will have left. i have been in paris for two weeks now, and it is unbelievable how quickly the time has gone by. also, half of march is gone now, and it feels like just yesterday i was daydreaming of both paris and spring. i am still here and i am already thinking of when and how i could come back.

even though, i sometimes think that it is so banal to love paris as much as i do, i also realize that i have a very strong connection to this place. there is history, that is not letting me go. there are memories that multiply the intensity of how special it is for me. i am simultaneously happy and sad tonight, but both of those things are good. i am grateful for all of these experiences and all of these emotions. finally, what makes coming back to kiev less painful and more exciting is knowing that i will get back to my daily routine, which also means that i will get back to reading and writing. gratitude is what fills me right now. i am scared, but also thrilled.

i published first volume of "hello from paris" back in october.

сегодня решила написать просто короткую "записку" из парижа, потому что на протяжении последних двух недель внутри меня активно копились разнообразные эмоции, которыми пора начать делиться. париж всегда вызывает у меня и много мыслей, и много эмоций. я начала писать этот пост сегодня в девять утра, а в итоге вернулась к нему тринадцать часов спустя и все удалила. это моя последняя ночь здесь, и с одной стороны мне хочется вообще не ложиться спать, чтобы растянуть свое пребывание здесь, а с другой - я понимаю, что правильнее заснуть прямо сейчас и завтра встать как можно раньше. в этот раз я прилетела в париж на две недели! то есть не на семь, не на десять, а на целых четырнадцать дней, но и они прошли совершенно незаметно. кажется, только вчера я прилетела, кажется, только вчера закончилась работа и я с предвкушением ждала своего первого свободного дня. кроме того, вместе со временем в париже прошла половина марта, а ведь я только-только мечтала и о весне, и о поездке сюда. я всё еще здесь, но я уже думаю о том, когда и как смогу сюда вернуться.

несмотря на то, что иногда я думаю о том, как же это банально так сильно любить париж как это делаю, я также осознаю, что у меня есть самая настоящая связь с этим местом. есть история, есть воспоминания, которые меня не отпускают. я приезжаю не просто в париж, я приезжаю в свой париж и в основном хожу по одним и тем же местам, где чувствую себя как дома, где мне невероятно хорошо. я одновременно испытываю счастье и тоску, но обе эти эмоции положительны в этом конкретном случае. я благодарна за опыт, за возможности. в конце концов, мысли о возвращении в киев угнетает и удручает чуть меньше, так как я думаю о том, что смогу снова вернуться к своему привычному режиму, а значит, снова буду много читать и писать. в итоге, я иду спать, а меня переполняет ощущение благодарности с примесью страха и восторга.

кстати, в октябре я опубликовала свою первую "записку" из парижа

среда, 8 марта 2017 г.

on saving up money

(текст на русском - ниже)

some people are smart when it comes to money and how they spend what they have and others are not. i am among the latter. i have always been that way. i am a true hedonist, and i constantly keep on spending money to add a portion of joy and pleasure into my life. let me give you an example - as a child i never had any pocket money left. if i did not have any money, well, then i did not, but if had any, i would always buy something. always!!! chewing gum, sweets, stationery and all sorts of other fun things that i really-really wanted to have, but probably did not always need. unfortunately, this is how i grew up and this is the way i have been for many years now. after graduating from high school,i dreamt of becoming financially independent as soon as possible, and even though it took me years to come any closer to that point, i did what i could right away. for example, it was essential for me to receive a scholarship from the government while studying at university in order to not have to pay the tuition fee and to receive a monthly bursary, which was not much, but that was not the point. the older i got, the clearer it became that i had to do something about the way i spend what i earn. i have read so much about the importance of saving up and i have thought about it a lot too, because it is clear - if you want to buy something more expensive than a few books, than you have to make an effort to stop buying some other things and to put the money aside. i think i have finally made some progress and i would like to tell you about it today!

вторник, 7 марта 2017 г.

to women

it is an international women`s day today, and i thought of writing a proper post about it, just like i did last year, but i have been at paris fashion week for a week now and have not been able to make the time to do it. this is why i am going to be extremely short! women, this is your day, just like any other. i hope that today you are going to get inspired, motivated and empowered by other women! i hope that you let yourself be yourself and do not let anyone tell you or make you believe that you should be anything else. women are incredible creatures, and i am thrilled ot be one of you! we can make wonders, so let`s continue doing so, shall we?

oh, and by the way...

cool things and great information keep on being posted here, and even though i am not in the us, i appreciate this organization a lot! also, i am wearing red today. what about you?

сегодня - международный женский день! изначально я планировала написать полноценный текст по этому поводу как в прошлом году, но всю последнюю неделю я провела, работая на неделе моды в париже, и времени не было совершенно. по этой причине сегодня я буду максимально краткой! девочки, девушки, женщины, сегодня - ваш день, но он - каждый день! помните об этом всегда и не давайте забывать об этом другим. я надеюсь на то, что сегодня вас особенно сильно вдохновят и мотивируют мысли и идеи, слова и действия других женщин! я надеюсь на то, что вы будете собой и не позволите кому-либо другому заставить вас думать, что вы должны быть кем-либо еще или просто другими. женщины - невероятные создания, и я горжусь тем, что я - одна из вас! мы можем творить чудеса, так что давайте продолжать заниматься именно этим, договорились?

и, кстати, не могу не сказать о том, что этот день - это дополнительная возможность обсуждать тему феминизма и борьбы за равные права с мужчинами. многие из них совершенно не понимают того, насколько острой является это проблема даже сейчас. многим кажется, что женщины "уже давным-давно всего достигли". но ведь это не так! поэтому я предлагаю каждой из нас как можно больше читать на эту тему и делиться этой информацией и с женщинами, и с мужчинами. напоследок, скажу, что да, я убеждена в том, что настоящие мужчины - феминисты.

среда, 1 марта 2017 г.

good things list / february

(текст на русском - ниже)

winter is over! YES!!! fina-a-a-ally! the best thing about february? definitely, the realization that it is the last month of winter and that spring is just around the corner. february was busy as hell and sometimes painfully freezing, but it is the shortest month and its second part was pretty mild. the weather got better, so i was kind of inspired to go out more. after spending all of my time at home and at work in december and january, i finally wanted to go to places and to see people in february, which was great! also there was a lot of reading, that is why quite a few parts of this list are going to be about books. again, it was a very-very busy month, but i found time for things that cheered me up and made me feel good, so writing this list was not that hard this time. now tell me - have you already tried writing yours? ;-)

воскресенье, 26 февраля 2017 г.

reading report / february

(текст на русском - ниже)

at first i thought that i would start this post by saying that it was difficult to find time to read in february. there were a few very important deadlines throughout the month, so basically the time that i would usually spend reading, like early mornings or late evenings, was dedicated to finishing important tasks. however, this thought reminded me of something, that i keep on pointing out to others all the f time - you either make time for something or you don`t. i do not have more time than anyone else, but i have priorities.

for example, i hoped to go back to yoga studio after not being able to go in january and then i just saw that rationally i could not afford giving away three hours (to get there, to be there, to go back) and i had to skip it. i felt guilty and upset, because i really wanted to go and because it made me feel so much better, but i just did not have enough time. instead i tried to do a litle bit of yoga here and there at home. something is always better than nothing. whereas with reading, i just love and need it so much, that i have to read at least a tiny bit every single day to remain sane, so i make it happen. that is why i would like to let you know one more time - if you want to read more - have a look at how you spend your time and get rid of something, because this is the only way to get things done. it works the same way for everything. i know that in march i am going to oversee my schedule one more time to make yoga studio a part of it again, but that is a subject for another post. books are what we are here today to discuss, right? YES <3

среда, 22 февраля 2017 г.

long hair vs. short hair

above is what my hair looked like this summer after i cut it once again. when i saw this picture, i felt an intense desire to cut it that way again, even though in november when i visitted the hairdresser for the last time i "made a decision" to cut my ends and then grow my hair out for as long as my patience would let me. well, a few months later i am not so sure about it anymore. i am writing this text at the end of february and i feel that spring is coming, so i want everything to be fresh. short hair somehow equals fresh for me. after i decided to make a change and to cut my hair visibly for the first time about four years ago, i kept on having these thoughts, i kept on coming back and forth - do i want short hair or do i want to grow back long hair again? i have no idea what i am going to do, so let`s talk about hair even more! i wonder, how many times i will manage to use the word "hair" in this text? shall i count when i am done? ;-)

воскресенье, 19 февраля 2017 г.

on waking up even earlier

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hello! maybe you know, maybe you don`t, but last year i wrote a couple of posts dedicated to mornings. one was about my morning routine and another one was about waking up early. there were a few months in between them, and now six months later i feel like it is perfectly fine to touch upon this subject again. why? well, because i have recently decided to wake up even earlier. i must admit, that doing so gives me an opportunity to do what i enjoy the most, therefore i have extreme motivation, but sometimes it is hard anyway.

четверг, 16 февраля 2017 г.

meet christina-maria kravvari

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one of the reasons why i love my job so much is an opportunity to meet extraordinary people from all around the world. christina-maria kravvari is twenty six years old, she is based in athens, greece, where she works as a fashion editor and a writer at marie claire greece. after e-mailing back and forth for months, i had a chance to meet christina in person in october when we were both in paris for fashion week. we had coffee and even managed to attend a re-see event of the latest louis vuitton collection together. it was a huge pleasure for me to meet her personally and to talk a little bit about all sorts of things. it is always joyful to meet someone ambitious, but also genuine and kind. christina is exactly that way, so naturally i wanted you to meet her! follow christina-maria on instagram to see her daily life in athens, as well as during her trips for fashion weeks in london, milan and paris. i am always inspired by what she posts! by the way, the song christina suggests in the end is the one that i could not stop listening after she had mentioned it. this is exactly why i am fond of this questionnaire - it is always a chance to find something out.

воскресенье, 12 февраля 2017 г.

дай себе шанс

disclaimer: почти каждый абзац этого текста начинается с "я", потому что этот текст именно таков. он о том, что моё/твоё "я" имеет право на существование, имеет право на веру в себя, имеет право на еще один шанс! 

я много об этом думаю и периодически говорю на эту тему со своими близкими, а сегодня мне очень захотелось написать об этом, чтобы разделить эти мысли с тобой. с первого дня нашей жизни нас оценивают по разным параметрам. сначала нас это совершенно не трогает, а потом напрямую влияет на то, как мы сами себя воспринимаем и в итоге во многом формирует нашу жизнь. страшно об этом думать, но я уверена в том, что многие могли бы достичь большего и быть счастливее, если бы не дали посторонним голосам убедить их в том, что они не смогут что-то сделать.

четверг, 9 февраля 2017 г.

cheer up / part two

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i don`t know about you, but winter is really tough for me to deal with, especially taking to consideration how extreme and how long it is in a country like ukraine. it started being pretty cold in early october and november was just freezing. basically there was no proper autumn, just like there was no proper spring a few months before that. so, i would say winter started in early november and it won`t be over until the middle or even the very end of march, which is pretty upsetting. the hardest thing is the temperature. it has been minus fifteen lately, which felt like minus twenty one. i have no idea what kind of clothes one is supposed to have to be able to feel warm in such conditions. by late january or early february i always get really-really tired of winter. i just want to be able to wear a jacket and a sweater and feel comfortable, but NO, you need ten layers of clothing and it won`t be enough anyway. as a result, i get moody all the time and nothing seems to be good enough to feel fine. naturally, it is not an option to let yourself be that way for a couple of months in a row, so i am in a permanent search of various ways to cheer myself up. last year i wrote a short piece about some of the things and actions that made me feel better in winter, and today i would like to share with you a few more. the fun thing is that this time i am going to be pretty specific, as all of them involve scents.

вторник, 7 февраля 2017 г.

ksenia schnaider fw 17 presentation

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when you work in fashion, your life is divided into seasons and collections. that is what all of your plans and memories are based on. exactly a year ago i helped organizing ksenia schnaider fall-winter 16 presentation at mercedes-benz kiev fashion days, whereas five months ago we organized a runway show to present spring-summer 17 collection. in between those there were a tradeshow in paris, then another one in berlin and a presentation of a collaboration in kiev. after our runway show in september, we went to warsaw and did another one there, as well as brought the collection to a showroom in paris. just two weeks before this presentation, a part of the new collection was presented at the same tradeshow as last year in berlin. it is fun to be able to have a recap of a year in your life that way. today i am excited to tell you about our latest event, a presentation of fall-winter 17 collection by ksenia schnaider at mercedes-benz kiev fashion days that took place on the fourth of february. so what was it like?

среда, 1 февраля 2017 г.

good things list / january

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hey! if you are new here, let me tell you - at the end of each month i write a list of good things that happened to me within the last thirty days. i try to come up with experiences and actions, not purchases or extraordinary things, that are not available to everyone, but of course sometimes they appear on the lists too. i have been writing these lists for a year now and i must say - they remind me to appreciate my life and its details, they teach me to put bigger value on simple things instead of the big ones, which is something i really need, because i am constantly in my head thinking about my goals and how i could achieve them and what i have not done yet in order to do it. life is hard, but we make it even harder with our negative thinking. this is what i am trying to change in myself and something i encourage you to try too!

понедельник, 30 января 2017 г.

reading report / january

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i enjoy traditions - small and big. i enjoy making plans and actually making them happen. i enjoy having a system, a structure. not in everything, but at least in something. this is why coming up with an idea to write a monthly reading report made me feel really good. it is the end of the first month of two thousand seventeen, a year when i plan to read sixty books as a part of goodreads reading challenge (last year i planned fifty and read fifty nine instead) and i have read five books so far. i am overjoyed to tell you about them today. apart from that, i continue pointing out that you can always follow me on goodreads in order to keep up with what i am reading, as well as planning to read by adding books to my "to-read" list.

суббота, 28 января 2017 г.

meet nadja bolding

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rules exist to be broken sometimes, right? i am saying so, because i would like you to meet someone who is far from being in her twenties, but it did not stop me from sending her my tiny questionnaire for the blog, which is dedicated to being in your twenties. i believe we can always learn from one another, so why loose the opportunity? i knew that i would do it again, when i did an interview with christie, and yes, here i am! i found out about nadja bolding, because she is a ksenia schnaider customer, so when she posted a picture wearing demi-denims, i saw her profile and started following her right away. i rarely do it. i follow a lot of people, yes, but i only follow those, who post things that i really enjoy. the more time went by, the clearer it became that nadja has an amazing aesthetic - the way she gets dressed, the way her room looks, the way she puts things together, the way she captures her life. so, when i started thinking about people whom i would like to feature on my blog this year, i knew she would definitely be among them. her page is a source of inspiration, a pleasure for your eye and i want you to not only see that, but also know about nadja a little bit more.

вторник, 24 января 2017 г.

inspired by the women`s march

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i rarely talk about politics here, but sometimes i do, because it is important. we must be aware of what is going on in the world we live in, we must remember that being active is important. there is no way you would be able to protect yourself, if you had no idea what rights you have as well as how to protect them. being open-minded, eager to learn and to explore, as well as ready to discuss the existing issues out loud is as important today as ever. i could not stand reading the news on the twentieth of january, because you-know-who became the president of the united states. i am among those who cannot believe that this is for real, that this could actually happen, but it did. this is the reality today. so, i ignored the news as much as i could on friday, but i could not stop refreshing my feed the next day, when the women`s march took place. actually, it would be more correct to say "women`s marches", because there were more than six hundred marches all around the world on all (!) continents. can you even imagine it? fantastic!!! this is exactly what i would like to discuss today, because it was an incredible day and there is a lot of work to be done!

четверг, 19 января 2017 г.

a day in the life

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i continue not being able to believe how intense life is these days, as well as how quickly time flies. i had a few posts in mind for today, but then managed to write none of them on time, so i am writing this one instead. it is five thirty nine pm right now and i am not done with my work yet, but i need a break to clear my head and to be able to finish it a little bit later. my work has no fixed schedule, which is a good and a bad thing simultaneously. i am listening to songs from "a seat at the table" - last album of solange, a true work of art. enjoying it more than anything she has ever done before, feeling in tune with the songs, melodies, words. make sure to read this interview with her for the inerview magazine. also i am drinking my all-time favourite and ultimate drinking choice - black tea with bergamot. a candle from muji is burning, filling the room with the magical smell of hinoki wood, making me feel that i am in the bubble of my own world. life has been hectic, and i have been trying to find moments of calmness and quiteness in all of this mess. 

воскресенье, 15 января 2017 г.

one year at ksenia schnaider

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i remember very clearly how intense my desire to work was, when i was at school. i spent last years feeling limited and extremely bored. i hated doing things for the sake of doing them and because you were simply supposed to, expected to. i could not wait to be set free, to make my own choices, to lead a conscious life, to be deliberate. as university came, it turned out that it did not differ from school much. there was no feeling that i was getting any closer to the real world, so i started looking for an opportunity to do so myself outside of any official and mandatory institution. i have already written about it last year here and here in details. have a look, if you are curious to find out more about my first job ever and what came afterwards. meanwhile today i would like to talk a little bit about my first full year of work, about my first proper anniversary at a company, ksenia schnaider, which is a fashion brand, founded in two thousand eleven by a womenswear designer ksenia and a graphic designer, who is now also busy being an art-director at yandex, anton schnaider.

четверг, 12 января 2017 г.

blog plans for two thousand seventeen

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hey, you! after making some global plans for the year, it is time to make it clear what you can expect from "what being twenty is like" in the twelve upcoming months. i have been working on this blog for a little bit over a year now and it is a huge pleasure for me to keep on doing it. first of all, i want you to know that i will keep on talking about such subjects as self-help and self-motivation, inspiration, healthy life routineworking and building a career, important issues we face in the modern world (sexism, for example), as well as basics, such as reading and writing, travelling and anything and everything that matters when you are in your twenties. i invite you on this journey with me. let`s have a great year together! let`s discuss what is important and help each other, when it is necessary. shall we?

воскресенье, 8 января 2017 г.

hello, two thousand seventeen

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hello-o-o-o! happy new year <3 i hope you had an enjoyable new year`s eve. i did. it was the third time in a row, when i celebrated new year with my boyfriend at home in a very cosy and warm atmosphere. this year we decided to make it even more simple - we ate a delicious lunch out and then had all sorts of appetizers and champagne later at night back home. we opened gifts at midnight and then i was asleep before one am. i woke up early the next day to do my first set of surya namaskara (sun salutation) and read.

january has been good to me, because i prepared for it. i mentioned it in my december good things list - i spent the last month of the year not simply dealing with the current to-do list, but also getting ready for january. for example, i have written a few articles, that will be published soon (one of them already has been), and it was such a joy to see my text out during the very first few days of the year! this situation proved once again how important planning is, and that is why today i would like to discuss a few plans of mine for the year two thousand seventeen with you. i am excited and curious to see what these three hundred sixty days will be like. so what am i going to do?